reprieveThe Governor (of my conscious) called me at midnight. He didn’t grant a pardon but asked ME for a reprieve of my decision to close the gym… er… Blognasium. He liked the remodel job which really, is just a facelift.

He said fill it with photo albums and conversation space. Create a new moto – A Gallery of Expression. No more exercise. No one needs a work out. Just relax, look at the pictures and see what I and perhaps others have to say. Join in if you want. A place to express thoughts, ideas, concerns. Publish some photographs.

It is still a community, meaning anyone who joins can share and contribute. There is no overt effort or agenda to make it one. A different kind of blog and photo gallery, open for contribution.

Yeah, that sounds a bit lofty. But what the hey. It is what has been happening here, so just make it official.

I’ll squeeze the budget for a while longer to keep the site up. I am not yet headed for the poorhouse but reducing unnecessary expenses. I can pull Blognasium out of the clouds any time I want. So much file storage is available here and besides, I like playing with the big boy toys.

Photo Albums