Blognasium is changing its purpose and eventually its look.

Originally Blognasium was designed to be a “Community” website. Kind of a private Face Book. That feature will remain. But not as the prime directive.

My reality is no one is really interested in a private Face Book unless there is a very specific purpose. There is one “community” on Blognasium for my private family photos, so that will remain. Registration required.

My new desire is for Blognasium to morph back to it’s name and concentrate on open blog presentation. Its been there (a blog) before. I am considering moving some of my less popular small blog sites into Blognasium and let their URL links expire, saving some expense. My conclusion is I have created far to many and diverse individual blogs. No reason they have to live separate lives. All live on the same ISP server, so share the same fate if that hardware has any issues.

This is “future speak” at the moment. This plan requires considerable work, But time is one thing I have that is plentiful, but not infinite.

Blognasium as a blog? What will I think of next?