Hey! Thanks for visiting the Blognasium Repository

This website provides secure space to share experiences and record thoughts, expressions, personal and public events with Kautz family members and friends. It is a cloud based repository that preserves and provides a historical archive for those expressions. It provides both private and public spaces.

Blognasium provides secure photo albums in the “ShareSpace” tab for archival photo storage. Photography is one form of expression. There is also a BLOG space for text interaction and information storage.

ShareSpace is an open general community, for posting or creating additional open or private groups other than Kautz. Presently, that isn’t happening, but it could very easily. Just join, jump in and create a new space.

Most Kautz photos reside in a private family-only area where additional membership-by-request is required for them to be seen. Other, non-private photos are posted in the public space.  

I am Dan Kautz, Sysop for Blognasium and the patriarch of my branch of the Kautz clan. Small and somewhat twig-like, but nevertheless a viable family tree stem that continues to grow.

I build web sites.  Blognasium is my attempt to provide a safe, common community for sharing both public and private Kautz family stories, history or any other needs. My attempt to keep the Kautz branch connected.

It is an alternative to the exploitative data gathering of the most popular and what I consider, highly volatile FB experience.

Blognasium is open for use by other family surname folks, for their family sharing activities. Just register. Space is practically unlimited. There is some non-family visitor and member activity. There is plenty of room for more sharing. The intent is not an exclusive community. Private areas are easily created for the Smiths and Joneses.

Photo Albums