A Gallery of Expression

Blognasium is a website where every member can have a place to say what they want. Well, publish what they want. I have published a dozen separate blogs about the things that interest me. Blognasium is where I open the door for anyone else to do the same. The infrastructure is here and free for just joining.

The ShareSpace is designed to share current personal activity with short posts and pictures. Once registered, Photo albums can be created for sharing. There is a place for Pages where articles can be published. Groups can have their private or public space as they desire. The Blog is where you might want to write a detailed story, more like an article with provision and encouragement for reader comments. Blogs usually are not private.  Discussions are where two or more people can join in open public Q&A discussion, much looser than a blog but more organized than posting in the Community.

About the Registration

Registration is required to contribute. You enter some basic personal information. You have control over what is shown publicly for some of that information like age, gender,  phone, and location. It’s display is up to you, after you are registered. The community is intended for us to get to know each other and not hide behind a “handle”.  A “username” is welcome (I use RamblinDan) but it’s no secret identity.

I have resigned from the Facebook site. Ransomware tried to capture my computer while I was using Facebook. No advertising or tracking links are permitted here. No data is shared other than what you make public. I installed HTTPS security, so everything sent to and from this website is encrypted.

Blognasium is designed to be a safe community.

Photo Albums