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  • reprieveThe Governor (of my conscious) called me at midnight. He didn’t grant a pardon but asked ME for a reprieve of my decision to close the gym… er… Blognasium. He liked the remodel job which really, is just a facelift.

    He said fill it with photo albums and conversation space. Create a new moto – A Gallery of Expression. No more exercise. No one needs a work out. Just relax, look at the pictures and see what I and perhaps others have to say. Join in if you want. A place to express thoughts, ideas, concerns. Publish some photographs.

    It is still a community, meaning anyone who joins can share and contribute. There is no overt effort or agenda to make it one. A different kind of blog and photo gallery, open for contribution.

    Yeah, that sounds a bit lofty. But what the hey. It is what has been happening here, so just make it official.

    I’ll squeeze the budget for a while longer to keep the site up. I am not yet headed for the poorhouse but reducing unnecessary expenses. I can pull Blognasium out of the clouds any time I want. So much file storage is available here and besides, I like playing with the big boy toys.

  • Day of JudgementSerious consideration on my part, to shut down this website. I built Blognasium in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud. AWS is a very heavy-duty service for hosting any type of web-based service. This web site is but a micro spec of dust in a very huge cloud. AWS is a commercial product. There are ongoing cost for a micro spec to exist here.

    Blognasium is not my first website built in AWS. I ran one of my e-commerce stores in AWS for over a year. I pulled it off and re-installed it on a shared server at a different Internet Service Provider (ISP). (See RD's Links, bottom right column)

    Sometime after that, I built the first version of Blognasium. It was here on AWS, but wasn’t in the Community style you presently see. It used a Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal. Here is a LINK to the Drupal software. It is a very interesting CMS package. It ran perfectly, but as with the present Blognasium, had no real purpose to exist other than a test platform for Drupal.

    I decided I didn’t need to be master of three CMS website software systems. WordPress is the third.

    So, the Drupal version of Blognasium was shut down. Not missed by anyone but myself…

    A few months later, I wanted to “play” some more with AWS and all the neat “toys” they had laying on the table, available for anyone’s use. That’s my fatal attraction.

    I turned on a new “instance” of a private server. It’s like an empty computer. It doesn’t have an operating system. The builder must pick and choose everything required to make a system operable. That’s the challenge and fun of building a cloud based server in AWS.

    AWS and other ISPs can provide a server with some of the set-up done. But when I get to choose and install everything, I get exactly what I want. I install the latest versions of ALL the support software. The ISP for all my other sites is always four to five versions behind on updates of support software. Some of the things I want to do require the newest versions to run at their best. AWS is how to get what I want.

    That’s why this version of Blognasium was born. It’s a fully up-to-date server. I wanted to experiment with the software StackIdeas produces for the Joomla CMS.

    StackIdeas, Joomla, and a Linux OS are the heart of Blognasium Community software and how it operates. The AWS cloud provides unlimited hardware and file storage ability. A beautiful Community website system with a practical purpose, but no attraction of users.

    Well, it filled its need for me. I know I can build it, and make it work. Unlike the movie “Field of Dreams”, there is no team waiting to come out of the corn field and play the game. Ha!

    For me the experience was time and money well spent. It is not worth the ongoing cost to just keep it going when it is not serving a public service. That is also a great feature of the AWS cloud. I only pay for what is being used. I can shut it down in a moment, and the cost stops immediately.

    The day of judgement will be January 31. 2018

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