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  • I am pleased you found us.

    Blognasium provides a selection of visitor communication services.

    A Social Community space under the COMMUNITY

    Operation is similar to the Facebook® community but with a smaller, private audience and with no user tracking, data mining, and crass commercialization. Information stored here is shared only with those who come and look and have member access rights. Members have control over who sees their personal information.

    A Social Community is for, well… a gathering of identified friends. Not a rough and woolly open dating chat room. You can’t go off in a corner and have an instant real-time private conversation with a stranger. Status posts are more like twitter messages.

    Blognasium Community is not for promoting causes or saving the world. That can be done in the Blog area

    Posts can vary as there in no requirement to stay on topic (like a Forum)

    Private areas called Groups are available, where community members create their own small special interest areas to store and share information. Great for a club or family activity center. Membership is usually by invitation or request which is managed by the group creator. The group can publicly share their posts or keep them private to group members only. Fully “open” groups can be created.

    There is a section named Pages in the Community. Here is where full length articles and stories can be developed and published. All sorts of add-in materials can be included, like a magazine article. Very powerful publishing tool. Presentation can be exactly like this article on this home page, but within the Community Tab.

    A multi-user Blog format under a tab labeled BLOGS.

    Blogs are much like an open personal diary. Blog content is used for more detailed content than a Community space discussion. Blogs are a deeper personal expression of ideas and thoughts and generally much more than a few words or a single line. Sometimes a post can be a rant-like where the author just wants to make a public statement. Some tell a story. Pictures are usually included. Blogs are short articles about anything and everything.

    Groups can have a blog, called a “Group Blog”.

    Comments from readers are usually solicited.

    A Forum discussion area called FORUMS

    This is a question and answer type forum, less social and more direct and formal than the Community and not intended to be a Blog. Originally the format was called a Bulletin Board. Often used to provide technical (how-to) support in a question and answer format on specific topics.

    The topic areas are created to keep posts “threaded” together on the designated topic. The intent of a Forum is active user interaction, opinions, solutions, suggestions that stay on the topic.

    Topical “experts” sometimes hang out on their favorite subjects and help answer questions for the less experienced.

    Posting on Blognasium is not open to everyone. Please register and join Blognasium to participate.Access is not immediate as registration is a request to join that is reviewed by the administration. You can explore a few public areas without registering, but most sections and services are not available or visible to non-members.

    Blognasium and the Community are brand new and evolving. I am eager to freely share the communication services provided and help others enjoy the experience. Be a participant! No cost. No risk.

    See you inside!  ~ Dan

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