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  • I have a desire to not be exploited. So, I created this community website. The door is open for other people to use this safe communication tool. All that is required is registration. What makes Blognasium different, is there is no commercial marketing of any kind. It’s a private community that doesn’t try to profit from selling the secrets, identities and souls of the members.

    Blognasium contains an open blog area as well as an open discussion area. Primarily because they are part of the same system that provides the Community operation. Members are welcome to post in all the areas.

    Presently (Oct 2017), the site contains mostly one-way communication, short status posts from me. My primary use is the storage and sharing of old family pictures in a semi-private (family only) space I created in the Community tab. For that, it works well. Blognasium has unlimited, low cost, and secure, Amazon cloud (S3) storage of files. More backup security than I could ever manage or afford on a home system.

    As a web site, Blognasium provides a much better communication presentation opportunity than just dumping and sharing files in an Internet photo site or a storage like a Dropbox.

    I have total, private server control. The server instance is not shared with any other operators. Storage is not subject to data mining or exploitation by others. ALL the commercial internet services used by millions of subscribers, exploit the data they are holding. It’s called data mining and is one of the ways "free use" commercial sites make their creators extremely wealthy. Pure invasion of privacy for which the (far from private) users have technically agreed. The other revenue source is derived from providing (for a fee) extreme targeted marketing space to commercial advertisers.

    Blognasium is far too small to profit from data mining. It’s not the purpose for this website. All communication is encoded both directions between the website and the user. No one in the middle can monitor the information. All that can be seen is what the user reveals on the website.

    I don’t expect Blognasium to ever contain and store valuable top-secret records and data. Blognasium is intended to be a communication tool. Not a lock box of secrets in a private vault. What is stored here is intended to be shared and seen by others. That is what communication means. If you can’t share it with your mother or kids, it doesn’t belong here.

    Perhaps my altruistic intentions sound suspicious. It’s good to be cautious. Everyone who knows me, knows I am sincere. My intention is a small community of friends, exercising several forms of safe communication without Big Brother exploitation. It works for me.

    Try it, you might like the lack of commercial marketing,


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