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The Blognasium

The Blognasium is a place to exercise thoughts. A place to get a little mental exercise and stimulation.The comments are usually open, so feel free to exercise that option.

Blognasium on Course

Blognasium now has a specific topic area! This blog was created with no intention or direction other than to test Drupal as a Content Management System (CMS) publishing tool. A subject now specifically targeted here with its own web space has been selected. Blognasium has a direction!

Let Me Tell Ya, Wessel...

- Sometimes I think your way of life isn’t all that bad. Yeah, your hands get dirty and your arms as well, but you know exactly where you stand. You work hard and you get the job done. You just keep smashing away with your big hammer and you never have to shave. No one gets in YOUR way. You have the strength to do the job and make your own decisions.